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Educational choice works for Louisiana families. More than 13,000 families applied for a scholarship during round one of the 2014-15 application period. While the demand is growing for school choice, parents continue to show overwhelming satisfaction with the program for the seventh straight year, with nearly 92 percent of parents reporting they are happy with their child's academic progress. Nearly all parents report their child feels safe and happy in their current scholarship school, thanks to the ability to choose the school that best fits their child's individual learning needs.

“I just couldn’t believe that this opportunity was here. A way was made for Joseph.”

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“The Louisiana Scholarship Program gives parents a choice of where they can send their kids.”

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Eisley family

“I don’t know where my kids would be right now without the Louisiana Scholarship Program.”

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Bonnee family

“I was extremely excited and overwhelmed that they are able to go to St. Benedict the Moor. Every parent should be able to choose the best school for their children.”

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”I think the scholarship gave me a great opportunity. Without it, I probably wouldn’t be headed to a great university as salutatorian. I probably would have been looked over and lost in the crowd. I believe if I can stay focused and determined, I can be very successful."

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“They are excited to go there next year. I am too. I want my children to understand and excel at everything.”

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“My son got his progress report yesterday, and his reading level is on the sixth grade now. When he went into the program, he was only on a first-grade level, and he’s grown five grade levels in two years.”

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“She loves her school. She definitely does not want to leave. She’s comfortable with being there, and it’s where I want her to be. It gives parents a chance to give their child the BEST—the best learning tools, the best environment, the best overall education.”

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“I’m impressed when he comes home and speaks in a foreign language! He can count in a foreign language and everything! It makes me feel good to know he’s taken care of and I don’t have to worry about him.”

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“To know that someone loves your child is wonderful. I don’t have to sit at home and wonder if my child is being mistreated or if someone is paying attention or listening to her, because I know they are. These people genuinely love my child. They are truly about giving kids an education. Any way they can help a kid out, they’re willing to do it.”

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“We’re really pleased with the education she’s getting. Her grades have definitely improved, and she’s taking more courses. She is engaged in all her classes, and the enrichment programs give her more opportunities than she had at her old school.”

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“I have sacrificed a lot for my children, but I could not afford a private education on my own. I feel thankful because this scholarship program is one of God’s blessings to us.”

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“It’ll prepare her for college, because ultimately, that’s what you want. This school will give her study skills, social skills, and a work ethic. Those are all things you need to learn early.”

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“The school we would be in without the program I think is a D rated school. It’s just a blessing to be able to send my children to Evangel. I can rest very easy at night knowing that they’re at Evangel.”

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“[Kasey’s] teachers taught her how to speak in public and not be shy. It’ll help her in the real world with job interviews and eventually in her career.

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“Everybody knows him.  Everybody knows your name at Good Shepherd.  It’s more like a family.  I believe education is the foundation setting Elias to go wherever he wants to go.  In my opinion, they are giving him everything he needs.”

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“I’m a single mother, and I don’t have any means to send him to a private school.  At his new school, the teacher called me right back and spoke with me for 45 minutes.  It just showed me that they care.  She took the time out to let me know very specific things about how he’s doing, and that she’s working with my son.  He’s getting what he needs in life outside the home."

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“There weren’t enough books to go around.  There was no structure.  There was no consistency–it was chaos.  [At her scholarship school,] her test scores were outstanding!  She brought home a hundred!  My child is very intelligent, so I want her to be challenged.  The teachers at [Our Lady of Divine Providence] are just outstanding.  They teach in different ways."

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“Kyleigh was really behind.  She couldn’t write her name, couldn’t write her letters, and she was in a regular class.  [At her scholarship school,] the teachers were determined.  They told me, ‘She’s going to write her letters, she’s going to write her name,’ and now she can.   It’s just a miracle.  Without it, she would be lost.  What Kyleigh hadn’t gotten in years, she’s gotten in a semester.”

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“At the other school, he was cutting up and doing what he wanted to do, [but at his scholarship school,] I knew he would feel much safer.  It’s been good for him.  The teacher is more patient and more focused on him.  He feels confident and more comfortable around his teachers now.  What they're doing-- it's working!"

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"[The bullying] started affecting her grades a lot. She didn’t even want to go to school, and Abel would always try to take up for his sister and would get in trouble.  [At their new school,] Lauren’s happy. There’s no bullying. There’s no fighting.  It’s made all three of them happy to be where they’re at.  I see them going to college—they’re already talking about it, and it’s something they didn’t do before. I see a good future for them.”

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"One day he got a bad grade in P.E. because the other boys took his uniform, slapped him in the face, and left him bruised—and the school didn’t do anything about it!  [At his scholarship school,] his teachers help more, and they take their time because they care more about students.  [Now,] he’s proud.  He’s happy, I know, because he told me.”

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"My kids always come home talking about something fun, something new they learned, something positive. It’s a total 180.”

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“The right school helped him become a better student. Before, I didn’t see him finishing school. Now I see him going to college.”

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