January 31, 2012

More than 2,000 students are enrolled in Louisiana's two publicly funded voucher programs, according to the School Choice Yearbook 2011-12—the annual award-winning publication offering the most comprehensive data on the nation's 27 private school choice programs—released last week by the Alliance for School Choice.

Record enrollment in the state's flagship Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program in Orleans Parish, coupled with the start of a new voucher program for students with special needs, helped make 2011 a solid year for education reform in Louisiana.

 The gains in the Bayou State were consistent with remarkable growth for publicly funded private school choice around the country. More than 210,000 students are now participants in school choice programs nationwide, and Governor Bobby Jindal recently unveiled a 2012 education reform package that calls for an expansion of the New Orleans program into other parts of the state.

To learn more about Louisiana's programs, download the Yearbook at www.YearofSchoolChoice.com.

Last year was also record-setting in terms of number of participating schools. More than 50 schools now participate in providing Louisiana children with an opportunity to attend a private school of their parents' choice.

"The momentum in Louisiana has moved strongly in favor of making options available to families that need help most," said Kevin P. Chavous, senior advisor to the Alliance. "People all across the state are recognizing that every child, regardless of zip code or income level, deserves a great educational opportunity."

The Alliance's annual Yearbook, entitled School Choice Now: The Year of School Choice, is a collection of the nation's most accurate data on private school choice programs across the country.  The 2011-12 edition contains an analysis of trends and information regarding school choice, a directory of the accountability provisions and requirements for each of the 27 private school choice programs in the nation, and a chronicle of the events from the past year.

The Alliance for School Choice is a leading national organization promoting school choice. For more information, or to download the Yearbook, visit www.AllianceForSchoolChoice.org.